Qcf Level 3 Unit 2 D1

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With PLEs coming to end we are going over compare and contrast as review for their upcoming paper they have to write. What Mrs. Detreick did was she put a vein diagram. Before we started to go into these we she explained what comparing and contrasting was and she said that when doing this you are taking two things and writing down information that is the same and information that is different. For the example she used mammals and reptiles. This was a good topic because students are interested in this topic. She had students raise their hand and they would put it either in the mammals sections, reptile section, and same. Students did a really good job with this, she then had them take the information on the board and had them write their own…show more content…
This the lesson I choose to teach our class in EDC 121. I used the same format as well. When the students came in on their desk where a set of four problems on their desk that said to solve for the first expression of each problem I used this as a pre assessment because I wanted to know where they were at when they saw these problems, and the look on their face when they first got in there was as if I were joking but the look on their face when they saw the last problem was that they were horrified because of the parentheses. When they got to this part they were stumped because they didn 't know how to solve it. I then played a YouTube video that explains PEMDAS but it was also an attention getter. Then I went to the main lesson which I did on the white board and I started with simple two step problems and got up to the four step problems with the parentheses so they could see me do it. After I was done, I had each student come up a couple of time to check their understanding of it, to me they seem to get it really well. I sent them home with homework to post assess them on the following Wednesday when I came back, I was surprised when they turned in the homework on how well they
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