Qcf Level 3 Unit 3 Assignment Analysis

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IGN: AscensionOp Age (Must be 14 or older): I 'm 14 Timezone: EST Canada How active can you be: I can be very active i can be on usually most of the day sometimes. I love to play and if i get accepted i will be even more active then i am now. This is my schedule for my weekdays and weekends. I 'm pretty active Monday: 3:25am to 9:00pm Tuesday: 3:25an to 9:00pm Wednesday: 3:25am to 9:00pm Thursday: 3:25am to 9:00pm Friday: 3:25am to 11:00pm Saturday: 10:30am to 11:00pm Sunday 10:30 to 9:00 Be honest, how do you think of yourself in the community? (Toxic, friendly, etc.): I 'm a very friendly person and love to help others and make friends with others. I 'm not toxic i 'm mature and trustworthy. I 'm very nice to others 'm not rude to…show more content…
I always try to make players happy and enjoy their time on the server and provide them with help if they ever needed it.I have become a lot more mature over the years and I treat people with respect and always have to hear what they have to say and always include them in what I 'm doing instead of leaving them out. Why would you like to apply for Serpent: I would like to become staff on Serpent for many reasons, but here are some. First, I want to help grow its community. This is because Serpent does have a pretty big community but making it even bigger would only benefit the server and make it better. Second, I know that a lot of people get mad because the staff doesn 't do their jobs and they don 't respond to reports, so I want to make sure all the players are happy and they think of Serpent staff team as a good and skilled team. Another thing is people say some staff abuse for their friends or for famous people but if I get staff ill make sure no one does that and will also make sure that no matter how famous you are you get treated the same. Third, Very many people get mad after waiting for 1-2 hours in team-speak to get moved, but with me as staff, I 'll try to do all the support rooms

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