Qin Shihuangdi Tyrant

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Qin Shihuangdi was a tyrant because he was oppressive with his people and never did much for china and his people. Qin Shihuangdi is a tyrant for many reasons and if you didn’t know, he was the founder of china and the name china came from the name ch’in. Also Qin managed to overcome all his rivals, in the year 221 B.C and he proclaimed himself emperor of china. Also Qin did many good and harsh things during his time. First of all, Qin Shihuangdi had several harsh laws and punishments, but also he had taxes throughout china, just like all the harsh laws and punishments. For instance on “ Ancient Civilization” it states that, his people didn’t like him because of his harsh punishment, laws, and taxes. Also on the “The First Emperor”…show more content…
What I mean is that, he spent lavish amounts of money on his palaces and gigantic tomb. Qin Shihuangdi had 270 different palaces and if you or a person told where Qin Shihuangdi was you and your family will be put to death. Also Qin Shihuangdi was obsessed with his own death so that was why he spent so much time on building his own tomb. For example, on “Ancient Civilization” Qin Shihuangdi tomb had over 6,000 soldiers and horses built out of clay and they were all next to his tomb. Third of all, Qin Shihuangdi could have been a great ruler. What I mean is that Qin Shihuangdi did many good things during his time too while being ruler. According to the article “ The First Emperor “ it states that, Qin Shihuangdi finish the great wall of china, but it took 30 years to built, and it cost lives of countless thousand of laborers. Also on the article “Ancient Civilization” Qin Shihuangdi had an organized country with laws, punishments,and taxes but no one like him as a ruler because he like to wasted money on himself and not his country. Also his tomb took 30 years to built, and it cost lives of countless thousand of laborers just like the great wall of china. In conclusion, I strongly believe that Qin Shihuangdi was tyrant because he was an unfair ruler. Also Qin Shihuangdi did many things in history that scient still haven't been able to identify yet but still Qin Shihuangdi was an unfair ruler for the things he had
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