Qin Zheng Accomplishments

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During the Warring States Period Ancient China, Ying Zheng was born (259 BCE) to King Zhuangxiang and Queen Dowager Zhou. During this time, 7 major states of China were fighting for dominance over the country. It lasted from 475-221 BCE (which was about 254 years). At thirteen years old, Ying Zheng’s father died and he ascended to the throne of China to become king. He had to rule with a regent for a period of time, as he was too young to lead on his own, but once he took the throne to himself, it became his main goal as a king to unify China. He eventually accomplished this in 221 BCE (at age 40). To symbolize his accomplishment, Ying Zheng changed his name to Qin Shi Huang and gave himself the title of emperor. This started the Qin Dynasty. As emperor, Qin Shi Huang continuously worked to keep China unified. He standardized the currency, writing system, and system of measurement throughout the entire country to make sure that there were no divides between the people. The cultural bonds he established have held together the country for thousands of years now. His other accomplishments included the expansion of China, a national road and canal system, and the Great Wall of China. Even though Qin Shi Huang had many major accomplishments during his reign, he is actually more known for his ties…show more content…
In fact, the construction of his tomb began before he even became emperor! It was built to resemble an entire empire; Qin Shi Huang wanted to remain as a person of great significance, even in the afterlife. It is believed that there are rivers of liquid mercury in his tomb because of his obsession with it. While the main tomb where his body is hasn’t been excavated, what has been found has been very astounding. Outside of his tomb stands an army of over 8,000 terracotta soldiers to protect his
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