Fall Of Empress Cixi

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The Qing dynasty began to diminish in strength power and influence in the beginning of the 18th century due to an increase in internal conflict and pressure from foreign powers. The greatest challenge the dynasty faced was the lack modernisation. When Empress Cixi came into power she failed to develop the out-dated dynasty because of her conservative ideologies and she made every attempt to destroy those who did advocate for change. Her ruthless response to the self-strengthening movement and 100 days of reform program were clear indications of her disapproval towards modernisation. The dynasty’s unnecessary involvement in the Boxers rebellion further crippled the state. The Empress was a corrupt, conservative and power driven leader, her regime disempowered the dynasty and left it brittle and vulnerable consequently leading to its demise, therefore to large extent the Empress is responsible for the demise of the Qing dynasty.
The once great Qing dynasty had encountered and was suffering from new unfamiliar threats (C) which left the Empress with the decision of modernising and renovating the dynasty so that it could successfully cope with new difficulties or leaving things as was, resisting foreign influence and continuing with policies her predecessors successfully implemented (D) The
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This shows that although the Empress made reforms they were inadequate and were only introduced to “please both the Chinese people and foreign invaders.” (I) The Empress’ reforms were desperate, limited and failed to positively alter the middle and working class majority in China consequently leading to more unrest. The Empress’ intentions were not to develop the dynasty but to maintain power by gaining support from the internal and external community but she failed to do
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