Qing Dynasty Essay

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Over the course of its lifetime, China has hosted dynasties ruled by a number of families. From the 17th to 20th century, the Qing, Manchurian invaders, conquered China and established the last dynasty in the history of China. At the peak of the Qing dynasty, the quality of life of the individual living inside China was tremendous. The many rebellions over the course of the rule of the Qing would ensure the downfall of the dynasty through the decline of central power and the increase in foreign involvement, eventually leading to the loss of the Mandate of Heaven and the collapse of the Qing dynasty. Over its extremely long life span, China has developed into an extremely ritualistic society based on the ideas of Confucius and the concept…show more content…
The power hungry Cixi ordered the riddance of the current emperor allowing her to claim the throne. Soon after, Cixi would use the secret societies of China, such as the Society of Harmonious Fists, to attack Western missionaries and civilians in order to rid China of foreigners. In addition, Cixi demanded that the Qing army completely ignore the Boxers, essentially giving them the privilege to do as they please. Without authority over a group of militants and the Chaos that ensued, a sign of the loss of the mandate of Heaven, the Western powers formed a coalition to put down the Boxer rebellion. The coalition’s fleet arrived and Beijing and quickly put down the rebellion comprised of, as the name implies, boxers that did not use any guns. Soon after the anti-foreigner rebellion, the Boxer Protocol was signed and further ensured the presence of the west in China. The Qing dynasty lost even more power due to the establishment of a shadow government, the expulsion of many Qing officials, and a reparation of 450 million tael to be paid over 40 years. The Boxer Rebellion essentially set in stone that fact that the Qing dynasty had lost its Mandate of Heaven and that the Qing dynasty had lost most of its power. The two most notable rebellions during the rule of the Qing dynasty threatened the loss of the mandate of heaven and ensured the involvement of Western powers within
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