Qlt1 Task 1

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1. What new knowledge did you gain from the discussion with your principal about worksheet 14?
I have gained reassurance for policy and procedures for data reporting. Last year there were 3 out of 4 administrators that were new to our school; therefore, it was a transition year. I feel that we did not get a handle on our data until the later part of the year. With meetings and personnel set. This year we are organized to hit the ground running. As O’Neil stated, school newsletters, parent/teacher conferences, Parent Teacher Association or Organizations meetings, classroom visits, school board meetings, student to student, student to parent, newspapers and television reports, local business conversations, websites, social media feeds, and social networking sites" (2012, p. 75); my school has scheduled meetings that address these communication strategies. We have designated people in charge of them to utilize each venue for success. 2. If you were the principal, what would you implement to ensure that your teachers were prepared to understand data and how it drives instruction? Why or why not?
If I were principal, I would implement the
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Having parent night to explain the technology component, texting app, homework apps, will only allow families to feel more comfortable. When hosting events schools must reach out to the community with social media, papers, radio stations, etc. is imperative. “A well-established, solid cycle of communications in a school community is critical in ensuring that schools get the help they need” (O’Neil, 2012, p. 74). The lines of communication must be open. School must start inviting the public to learn and or express ideas about the school and district, this is the first step. Communication should be continued so a cycle can be established with feedback surveys for example, to gather evidence to create change, change in data, and change within the

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