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QQTV is a #1 rated TV station in New York. It is dedicated to providing the most complete and up -to -date news coverage to its viewers through excellence in journalism. QQTV is actively involved in community service projects. In 2008, QQTV was the first television channel to broadcast information in high definition (HD) , making QQTV a leader in innovative technologies. We formed an interactive media development group to help integrate an e-commerce strategy to keep QQTV at the forefront of this innovation. Currently, QQTV relies primarily on our local area network, comprised of PCs running the Windows XP OS. The goal is to upgrade and/or replace existing equipment and integrate digital and social media so that viewers remain engaged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. System users will be full-time QQTV staff and volunteers. The typical full -time staff member has experience in broadcast communications and basic installations with the Microsoft Office suite and Internet applications. During pledge campaigns , volunteers will perform data entry tasks. These volunteers have a wide range of computer skills.
QQTV's business process is to collect and report information to the
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We need to employ new technologies that will provide a custom and personalized experience to keep viewers engaged. Another of QQTV 's business objectives is to design and develop a working website that provides viewers with access to links to e-commerce websites. Additionally, QQTV will need to work with advertisers to generate revenue through online advertising and banners, expanding our overall presence online and then, through the use of e -commerce link , viewers will be able to donate and purchase QQTV merchandise with ease and security, using SSL

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