Qua Lo Ga Research Paper

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The Cherokee people used plants for medicinal use. In fact, some plants had more than one use. Take the Qua lo ga, or common Sumac, for example. This plant can be made into a tea that helps to reduce fevers, or can be a decoction, which is the liquor resulting from concentrating the essence of a substance by heating or boiling. Common Sumac decoction can be gargled for sore throats and diarrhea. Qua lo ga also has other uses; such as the fresh bruised leaves and ripe berries poultice can soothe poison ivy and you can also drink qua lo ga for vitamin C. Another plant is the tobacco- like one, mullein. Mullein tea can be used as a mild sedative and its decoction can be used to soak swollen feet and relieve swelling in joints. Other uses include inhaling the smoke from root to soothe asthma attacks and chest congestion.…show more content…
Its tea is used to stimulate intestinal features and aid digestion. The decoction from the yarrow plant is used as an astringent; which is causing the contraction of body tissues, typically the skin; the astringent is used for acne and chapped hands. Yarrow has other uses too; like the fresh crushed leaves can be applied to open wounds or cuts to clot the blood and the fresh juice is diluted to stop internal bleeding. The tea from the greenbriar plant is used for arthritis and the decoction is used as a blood purifier and a mild diuretic. A salve for minor sores, scalds and burns is another use for greenbriar. Lastly, but not least is the wild roses tea is used as a mild diuretic that stimulates bladder and kidneys. The decoction of the wild rose was drank for diarrhea and other uses include an infusion of the petals for sore
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