Quail Court Case Study

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ON 05/01/2017 at approximately 1000 hours, Deputy Thacker and I, received a call from dispatch that the person living a t 7400 quail court, Tarrant County Tx, was tapping into the water line of their neighbors house at 7412 quail court, Tarrant County Tx. At approximately 1020 hours, Myself and Deputy Thacker arrived at 7412 quail court, I made contact with the owner Mrs. Rachel Gilliam. Mrs. Gilliam explained to me that she noticed an external hose connected to her water meter that was leading to 7400 quail court. I investigated the water meter belonging to 7412 quail court and saw that their was a hose connected into the water line that belong to 7412 quail court. I made contact with the owner of 7400 quail court, Brown, James (W/M, DOB 01/29/1989). I…show more content…
Brown that he could be charge with theft of services if Mrs. Gilliam decides to press charges. Mr. Brown said that he was sorry. However, the Bethesda Water Co. representative John had told him that he could tap into Mrs. Gilliam water line until Monday. Deputy Thacker called Bethesda Water Co. and spoke with the representative John. John told Deputy Thacker that he did give Mr. Brown permission to tap into the water line for 7412 quail court. I explain to Mr. John that this was illegal to do without permission from the owner at 7412 quail court. I contacted Mrs. Gilliam at approximately 1130 hours, I explain to Mrs. Gilliam that her water line had been tapped into by Mr. Brown at 7400 quail court and that he was offering to pay her for the water he had used. Mrs. Gilliam said that would be ok with her. I gave Mrs. Gilliam the phone number for Mr. Brown so she could contact him when she get her water bill in. I made contact with Mr. Brown and explained to him that Mrs. Gilliam said it would be ok for him to pay for the water he used but Mrs. Gilliam would not know how much he owed her until she received her water bill. I also told Mr. Brown that she would call him at that

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