Qualitative And Quantitative Research Methods

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This paper will basically describe two general approaches to gathering research. Those approaches are qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative approach to research is focusing and understanding something from a closer perspective. The quantitative approach tends be seen in mannerism from a larger number of individuals who use survey methods. This paper will also reflect the difference between quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as compare them. It will define appropriate academic research, define quantitative research and qualitative research and explain how they differ and relate to the human service field and the scientific method.
Quantitative research is “the use of sampling techniques (such as consumer surveys)
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For example, say you are measuring variables and verifying existing theories. For this kind of research you would use quantitative research methodology. You see, data is used to find a hypothesis based on the type of results you gathered or collected from the different variables. You will find you are much happier about how you were able to verify quantitative data once you do this because most people feel safe when using numbers and…show more content…
An example of this would be the study of an area that would benefit from qualitative research would be the style of a student’s learning ability along with his or her approaches to how they study. How they relate to the human services field is for one quantitative methodology refers to number / statistics area which in turn refers to the opinion polls, surveys, etc. of a number of people. Qualitative research methodology refers to a human service worker trying to understand a person who is needing help and by this the human service worker then understands the experiences of this person as well as their ideas, values and beliefs. It is like the scientific method only a bit more personal because the human service worker really gets to know the person / people he or she is helping in any case they deal with.
In conclusion, Qualitative and Quantitative go hand in hand in many ways. In the human services field there are many ways qualitative and quantitative are used. In the industry itself simply by comparing ideas and such with other fields in the human services area. In the many areas of human services field as well. In the food stamp department there are ways quantitative is used extremely because of the many people who are on them. I could go on and on but I have probably already failed this paper but I am

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