Qualitative And Quantitative Observation Essay

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Gain attention Addressed in the lesson: Item 1 Focus and Motivate: Demonstration
Students make qualitative and quantitative observations of a candle as it burns. Effective: Stimulus that would gain the students attention and ensure the learners are thinking about the subject to be presented. Pose thought-provoking questions to the students. Have students pose questions to be answered by other students
Inform learners of objectives Addressed in the lesson: Item 2 Objectives:
1. Describe the purpose of the scientific method.
2. Distinguish between qualitative and quantitative observations.
3. Describe the differences between hypotheses, theories, and models. Effective: Objectives are clearly identified. However, there is no process or strategy
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Chemistry in Action, Breaking Up
Is Hard to Do: Students can read about how fractures in bridges and other common objects are related to the breaking of chemical bonds.
Skills Practice Experiment:
The Hit and Run Students use Archimedes’ principle to determine the density of a large sample of glass
.. Moderately Effective:
The information provided did contain some strategies to present lesson content.

There was some suggestion to provide effective instruction. Introduce and us technical vocabulary related to the concept. Provide examples, present multiple versions of the same content using video, demonstration or group work
Provide “learning guidance” Not addressed in lesson plan Not addressed in lesson. No advice on strategies to aid students in learning content and of resources available None Model varied learning strategies such as mnemonics or mapping. Use examples and non-examples. Provide case studies, of real world application, or provide visual images to make visual associations.

Event of Instruction Addressed directly, implied, or not at all addressed Where in lesson addressed (provide clear description or copy text) Effectiveness (if addressed) Suggestions to

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