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ABSTRACT Grammar is considered as an effective evaluation of learners’ competence. Along whith vocabulary, it is acknowledged by many researchers and educators as crucial part in language acquisition. The Grammar Translation method used for a long time caused that students were demotivated by learning language separatedly from contexts. Hence, there are numerous studies showing the effectiveness of inclusion grammar instructions in communicative approach. The paper aimed at exploring teacher’s perpectives on the changes in teaching grammar in Vietnamese context. The qualitative approach was employed in line with a focus group interview of teachers in order to get reliable data. The findings showed that there were three main difficulties…show more content…
The levels of changes Grammar teaching methodology has changed for years. There were three levels of changes suggested by Gardner (2008) in terms of time, namely materials, approaches, and beliefs. The first level refers to materials consisting of syllabuses, and textbooks. They are supposed to be modified yearly along with the global development of technology. The second one concerns with the teaching methodology which affects the learners directly in the classroom. And the last one is about teachers’ beliefs in teaching grammar. In the past, they focused on the teacher-centered approach, which means that teachers would be dominant in the class. However, nowadays they are more likely to be students as well when student-centered approach becomes more popular. 2.2.2. Grammar-Translation Method Grammar-Transaltion Method is regarded as one of the earliest grammar instructions. It refers to “ a method of foreign or second language teaching which makes use of translation and grammar study as the main teaching and learning activities.” (Richards & Schmidt, 2002, p.231). Early teachers and educators believed that the memorization of the grammatical rules and regulations is the best learning method, then they underestimated the role of communication in language learning (Hinkel, 2002). Therefore, Hinkel stated that Grammar-Translation method lacked communicative interactions between teachers and students, and among students as…show more content…
It raises many scholars and educators’ awareness of the importance of communicative interactions in second language learning. For the learners’ achievement in communicative competence, teachers should teach language in the specific context, and communicative situations (Hymes, 1972). Thereby, students can be capable of using target language in suitable contexts in daily life. According to Poole (2005), the communicative language teaching focuses on form instruction that supplies the students with authentic communication as well as grammatical rules. Furthermore, the focus on form instruction encourages students in paying necessary attention in communicative language classroom (Long & Robinson, 1998). Besides, form instruction not only concentrates on accuracy but it also takes notice of meaning and

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