Qualitative Design Critique Template

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The purpose of my study is to determine the effectiveness of universal MRSA screening in a non-ICU acute care setting compared to the use of targeted MRSA surveillance, in decreasing the risk of hospital acquired infection. I chose the qualitative design to use the past and recent articles for literature review. As a result, I can generate an evidence based and hypothesis for my chosen research study. I would like to understand and evaluate prior theories and contradictions that have been investigated and determined. Attached is my Qualitative Research Design Critique template. NU310_Unit 5 Qualitative Research Design Critique Template 1. Is the research tradition for the qualitative study identified? If none was identified can one be…show more content…
Qualitative research design helped me identify my goals by consulting available research literature that is appropriate to my topic. The design decisions are explained and justified because my research question is based on prior research experiences. This design allows me to collect and analyze the data outcomes. 4. Is the design appropriate, given the research question? Does the design end itself to a thorough, in-depth intensive examination of the phenomenon of interest? The qualitative design is appropriate to my research question. Given my research project is broad and complex, this design allowed me to refine my ideas and goals. This design allowed me to follow a path that leads to understanding of past experiences or occurrences in evaluating the effectiveness of universal MRSA screening. Likewise, the design helped me what aspect of my research to focus on. 5. Was there evidence of appropriate reflexivity in the design? Yes, there is evidence of appropriate reflexivity in the design. It allows me to become self-aware and consider my thoughts in the research study. Likewise, using the design, I am constantly critiquing my own biases and
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