Evaluating The Procedure Of Research Methodology

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In this chapter will be discusses in great length about the research methods that had been used in order to obtained both primary and secondary data in this study and explain in detail about approach undertaken as the research methodology to complete this enquiry.
In decree to obtain good result and run across the objectives as planned, the right and suitable methodology needs to be used. Methodology is a method to determine the approach applied to direct the study or research. The objectives of this study will to be achieved by using two methods. The first method is through literature review, which is to gather information about the studied topic. Another method is through questionnaires survey by distributing
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Using case study for research purposes remains one of the most challenging of all social science endeavours. Every bit a research strategy, the case study is utilised in many situations to contribute to our knowledge of individual, group, organizational, societal, political and related phenomena.
Case studies also can be set as a problem solving technique and rarely undertaken by the organisation. The core of a case study, the central tendency among all types of case study, is that it attempts to illuminate a decision or set of decisions: why they were chosen, how they were implemented, and with what effect.
This is to show the sequence of work from the initial stage to completion of the research, which will be explained in succession. The sequence of work involved in this research is divided into four different stages. The explanations are as follows:
4.3.1 Topic Selection
It is carried out from readings of related topics from articles, journals and websites which are focus on level of success of Construction Industry Master Plan (CIMP) 2006-2015 among local
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The scope of work is to limit the area of research and the objectives of the research are:
1) To study about CIMP strategic thrusts in Malaysian Construction Industry.
2) To determine the level of awareness of the local contractors about the two Strategic Thrusts of CIMP that had been highlighted.
3) To investigate the issues, challenges and potential benefits of CIMP.
To achieve the objectives of the research, the scope of study is focus on the local contractors that operate in Klang Valley.
A research process requires a sequence of brief explanation of a research process involved (Sherman, 2000). Primary data which will be the information that can be retrieved from various sources, such as articles, journals, references books, website and etc, which are supposed to be related to the matter of study. Secondary data are collected through questionnaire, distributed to contractors are to be gathered in a manner where studies can be carried out so that the results can be produced as a primary data collected.
All these data collected shall be gathered to develop a literature review, with the guidance from the

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