Qualitative Research Appraisal

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Qualitative Research Appraisal

Mounica Soma

Texas State University

Completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for

HA 5301: Healthcare Administration Research Methods

October, 2015


The article titled “Family Physicians’ Perceptions on How They Deliver Cost-Effective Care” presented a study on the effects of family physician availability on healthcare costs and outcomes. Primary care family physicians play an important role in the provision of comprehensive, integrated, accessible healthcare services that satisfy the needs of patients (WHO, 2003). A review of Starfield et al (2005) has shown that health is better in areas with more
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This article clearly identifies the objectives of the research in the abstract and the main text. The aim of the study perspicuously emphasizes the relationship between primary care physician supply and healthcare costs and outcomes. The background information delineates that the topic has been meticulously researched and aids in an appropriate formulation of study methods and…show more content…
The study uses a qualitative approach, which is considered pertinent to this type of research, as the authors are trying to highlight the perceptions of family physicians concerning cost-effective care. The research does not make use of statistics; rather, it uses participants’ responses and their subjective experiences about the topic. The participants selected for the study were family physicians affiliated with the Residency Research Network of Texas (RRNeT), and were not given any incentives for participation. “Ethnography is an interpretive, iterative, open ended emergent learning process” (Whitehead, 2005, p. 4). The authors mentioned explicitly that the data was collected in semi-structured interview format, developed by investigators using the Spradley method of ethnography, and was conducted by medical students at affiliated residencies. Interviews are considered to be the mainstay of qualitative research (Jeanfreau, 2010). The interviews were audio-recorded, de-identified and transcribed, which exemplifies that the form of data collected was reliable, and independently verifiable. Ethics in research is of prime importance. The World Health Organization states that ethical consideration should be described in a research paper (WHO, 2011). Ethical issues have been

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