Qualitative Analysis: What´s Quantitative Research?

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Quantitative research is a method to quantify data with a combination of deductive logic and empirical observations to define and identify what factors or variables in the population that influence an outcome. The data is collected by using structured data collection instruments such as content analysis, discourse analysis, questionnaires and surveys to produce a narrow-angle lens which is able to eliminate biasness. Quantitative research is an important research approach to test the hypotheses and statistical analysis is developed to support the hypotheses. (Park, 2012) It is often designs in closed-ended questions to gather and interpret the data from a large sample which will be the representative of the whole population.
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Researchers will need to have a close involvement with the participants to understand their perspective and interpretation regarding on a situation or phenomenon to develop an in-depth explanation. Qualitative research is done in a wide-angle lens as subjectivity is critical to examines the breadth and depth of phenomena. It is often designs in open-ended questions in order to analyse and interpret the data. The method for qualitative research includes ethnography, interview, historical research, participant observation and textual analysis. (Brennen, 2013) With the strengths of the both qualitative research and quantitative research, triangulation research method will be conducted to enhance and validate the research.
Triangulation research
Triangulation research is a term which refers to the integration of quantitative and qualitative data within a single study. (Park, 2012) The combination of two research methods leads to a greater validity to the paper as there are variation in data collection from different perspectives. Triangulation research is frequently used to have a comprehensive data and a better understanding of the quantitative results and qualitative findings. In this research paper, triangulation research is conducted by distributing surveys and conducting an in-depth interview.
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It is a characteristic or attribute of an individual which can be observed or measured. (Creswell, 2014) Variables often employed in studies to measure attitudes or behaviour include gender, racism or social issues. There are two types of variables which are independent variables and dependent variables. According to Creswell (2014), independent variables will affect the dependent variables. Independent variables are also called as manipulate variables. It is to investigate the effect of a dependent variable. Dependent variables are the outcome that influenced by the changes in the independent variable. It is to measure the effect of the independent

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