Qualitative Research In Nursing

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INTRODUCTION This contextual project work consists of 10 concepts that were taking from the title “Research and Nursing Research” block 3. Each of the concepts will be explained in terms of meaning, analysis, apply to real life and current research evidence will be done. Concepts will be explained with personal, social or professional life. CONCEPT-1 QUALITATIVE RESEARCH IN NURSING This concept is selected from module 5 of the topic research and nursing research block 3. Qualitative research method has increase in developing nursing knowledge for evidence based nursing. Qualitative research is a type of scientific research and human sciences. Qualitative approach is one that primarily uses post-positivist to develop…show more content…
Some of the issues are informed consent, the dignity and privacy of research subject and voluntary participation and protection from harm. 8a. PERSONAL CONTEXT I believe it is necessary for researchers to how to cope with the tension of objective elements of the research. I equally see it necessary for nurses to consider different types of complex ethical issues in order to achieve the set goal in carrying out their professional practices. 8b. SOCIAL CONTEXT Potential conflict between the dual role of nurses, the professional and the researcher should be addressed and solved in order to make qualitative research with patient easy and very simple in the society. Solving ethical issues goes a long way to attract the society and community members feel at home thereby cooperating with the care given in carrying out their nursing research. 8c. APPLICATION IN CURRENT JOB It is always a duty to consider ethical issues in my own institution because the nature there cooperate and become friendly professionals when their ethics practices are put into consideration in carrying out any practices including research. 8d. CURRENT…show more content…
This is an approach to making quality decisions and clinical expertise in combination with the most current, relevant research available on the topic. Evidence based nursing implement the most up to date methods of providing care, which have been proven through appraisal of high quality studies and statistically significant research finding. 9a. PERSONAL CONTEXT I am personally convinced that evidence based nursing improve the health and safety of patients and also provide care in a cost-effective manner in other to improve the outcome of both patients and health care system. I personally believed that adequate implementation of evident based nursing, the knowledge of the nurse, the patient’s preferences and multiple studies of evidence must be collaborated and utilized in order to produce an appropriate solution. 9b. SOCIAL CONTEXT In any health care system, good patient’ outcome is very vital and necessary. Evidence based nursing helps the society to get perfect practice which in return assist both the patient and care giver in the society to achieve a set
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