Introduction To Qualitative Research Methodology

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4. Methodology:
4.1. Qualitative Research methodology:
We will be using the Qualitative research methodology for collecting and analysing the data for this project report. Qualitative research can be defined as a broad base methodological approach, one that can encompass many research methods. Qualitative methods help examine not just “what”,” where”,” when”, or even "who" but also the “why” and “how” of decision making. In a typical statistician’s conventional views, qualitative methods help produce information only on the specific cases studied and any more general conclusions are considered as propositions (or informed assertions). Empirical backing for such research hypotheses can then be sought by using Quantitative methods. A qualitative
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It is primarily an exploratory research and is used to understand the innate often unexpressed reasons, opinions, and motivations of people (test subjects). It provides insights into the problem or helps to develop ideas or hypotheses for potential quantitative research (Harwick, 2016). It can also aide in identifying trends in people’s opinions give deeper insights to the problem (Harwick, 2016). Structured and unstructured are the two types of Qualitative methods for collecting data. Focus groups, individual interviews etc. can also be used. Typically, the sample size is small and respondents are chosen to satisfy a target or a quota (Taylor,…show more content…
From this we found out that the distributor lauded the ERP system as to how it has made his business more profitable by increasing operational efficiency. But we can also see that this system has not been present in the rural distributor didn’t avail these facilities and was at a disadvantage.
We highlight the specific part of the interviewee’s (distributor’s) responses, see how it can be refined w/o altering the meaning and grouped under one heading which can help us define whether the particular topic mentioned by the interviewee comes out as a factor critical for success or a barrier to the business in the rural areas. Sometimes, the presence of one factor can be interpreted as a CSF and in the case of it being absent, a barrier to the
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