Starbucks Qualitative Approach

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Starbucks is considered a global leader in coffee manufacturing all around the globe. It was inaugurated in 19th century at United States of America for the aim to offer superior quality coffee to the customers. It was observed that initially it only offered roasted coffee beans, which now have been changed into brewed coffee. Moreover, it also introduced Espresso coffees, which become famous among myriads of customers world-wide. In this respect, it is famous for providing spectacular coffee with outstanding variety of different coffee types (Venkatraman, 2008).
However, human resource management is an important department for an organization. In other words, personnel are perceived as valuable assets that contribute their role
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Furthermore, qualitative research approach also helps in order to unveil trends in opinions and thoughts, and enables deep understanding of the problem. Nevertheless, this research program emphasizes on qualitative approach. However, qualitative research approach has two main components, which are known as deductive and inductive approach (Pretorius, 2008).
Deductive Approach

Deductive approach works from the more general to more specific and is sometimes called as top to down approach. In deductive approach, a researcher might start with thinking of theory about the topic of research. In other words, it is started with a social theory that is later tested to check compatibility with data. Moreover, that theory is narrowed down into more specific hypothesis for testing (Carter, 2008).
Inductive Approach

However, inductive approach works the other way around as it moves from specific observations to broader theories and generalization. It is initiative with collection of relevant data as per the research topic along with finding patterns in the data through analysis and then develops a theory. However, in inductive approach an empirical data is analyzed to better understand the theory. Nevertheless, this study focuses on inductive approach because hypothesis is not proposed for this study (Cantu,
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In this regard, Licker scale will be preferred which helps to assess participants view about their experience at Starbucks. Closed-ended questions are found in a huge number of forms, but are depicted by their need to have explicit responses for a participant to express his or her views. There is an extensive variety of closed-ended question categories for survey and questionnaires creators to choose from, incorporating licker scale, multiple choice questions, semantic differential, drop down, check boxes, ranking, and many more (Wang, 2013).
Moreover, every question does not permit the participant to provide their views clearly instead offer a variety of choices to select from list of options. Hence, closed ended questions will be appropriate for participants as it is assessed that employees are satisfied from services offered by Starbucks. In other words, Starbucks motivate employees through offering incentives, which encourage them to perform well in their tasks (Wang, 2013).

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