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Insert a copy of your two qualitative self-reflection questions for the chosen week here
11. In one or two paragraphs, explain the extent to which you are comfortable with your knowledge and understanding of the content of this introductory chapter.
I am comfortable with the introductory chapter 1 of Van Zyl (2013) in terms of the explanation of what research is and what it is not. The introductory chapter came out clear in terms of the process to follow when one needs to start doing a research. The understanding is that a researcher needs to work on the existing information of others which is already in place and come up with a new idea or new information which will improve the existing knowledge already in place. The new research question
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From this process the understanding is what happened in the past whether positive or negative can be used to improve the present state and events that might occur in the future. The new idea has to be organized by a researcher into a coherent body and a set of related ideas. As per the introductory chapter 1 of Van Zyl (2013), the steps in the research process sets a stage for the next and therefore it is important to understand a model of scientific inquiry, meaning following a model that begins with a question and ends with asking new questions. According to Van Zyl (2013) different types of research were provided. And therefore research is divided into experimental and non-experimental research. Within the non-experimental research, there is historical, descriptive and correlational research, whereas the experimental research is divided into quasi experimental and true experimental research. The introductory chapter further explained the historical research as a research that comprise of events that happened in the…show more content…
After going through this journey I must say that the language of research is becoming a natural language for me. I am no longer confused in between the terms.
Insert a copy of your two qualitative self-reflection questions for the chosen week here
11. Based on this week’s chapter, which content did you find easy to understand? What helped you to understand the material?
Activity 4.2 was easier to perform. I managed to access the library website with the help of the additional material resources which gave me guidance on how to research the topic and to perform online browsing. I think what made it easier for me to understand was that I am already registered online as a Unisa student and has an access to my life Email.

The other content which I find easy to understand is to identify the different sources to be used in search of a research topic. The primary, secondary and general sources are easier to identify and example given on the material HMEMS80/WEEK 4/2015 and Van Zyl (2013).
12. What sections did you not understand properly? How do you think we can improve our presentation and activities around this part of the work for this

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