Qualities And Characteristics Of Military And Military Leadership

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1.0 Question 1

1.1 Leadership

Leadership is essentially a process in which an individual influences the efforts of others towards the achievement of goals in a given set of circumstances. (Cole, 2000). When taking a leader, a leader is someone who would direct the team members to achieve a common goal. (Nettikumara, 2014).
1.2 Qualities and characteristics of a leader

Qualities of a leader are, Figure 1: Qualities of a leader
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Characteristics that differentiate a leader from non-leader is discussed in traits of leadership. Seven main traits of leadership are shown in the following figure, Figure 2: Characteristics of a leader - Seven traits of leadership
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Having these characteristics leads a leader to be successful. As an example Martin Luther King was a great leader who got all the above qualities and characteristics.

1.3 Leadership styles of military and organizational leader

Military and organizational leaders, their leadership styles differ from one another. The three main leadership styles explained under behavioral theory and identified by university of Iowa studies are, (Nettikumara, 2014)
1) Autocratic Leadership style
2) Democratic Leadership style
3) Laissez-fair Leadership style
1.4 Military Leader

Where the Military leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, direction, and motivation (Spyglass hill, 2014)In a Military context the mostly used leadership style
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