Qualities In A Relationship Analysis

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In a relationship I look for many qualities, all of which I believe are important to finding the right person. I am not too picky when it comes to finding a companion, but there are some essential qualities that I aim for. The first quality I seek in a relationship is respect. In any relationship respect is a key to having a successful and happy bond with your significant other. If you or your partner don 't have respect for each other, it is very difficult to do anything and have a friendship. Another trait I look for in a relationship is honesty. From the first time you meet, honesty should always be in place. Without honesty, there won 't be trust in the relationship which later on could lead to a collapsed relationship. To be honest isn 't only about not lying, but being honest with yourself. A following very crucial thing I look for in a relationship is openness. This could mean a variety of different things, such as expressing feelings, being outgoing, and so on. If you or your partner aren 't open, you lose a sense of communication and can 't work things out. It is beyond important to know what is going on with your partner and be able to express problems, concerns, and be open to discussion. Moving on to empathy, another very essential element in a relationship. Sharing…show more content…
The final and one of the most necessary qualities that I look for in a relationship is balance. From having a balanced character and personality to not being one-sided, being balanced opens more doors for success in the relationship. For example, you and your partner can have some serious talks and some fun ones. Is there flexibility for hanging with friends and having hobbies beyond the relationship, and still having stability. Overall, each and every characteristic mentioned is relevant to what I look for in a relationship. From finding the right person who you connect with, to maybe someone who may not be the one, I will always keep these
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