Qualities Of Self Awareness Essay

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Qualities which makes Humans different Self-consciousness: To a very small extent simple self-recognition is seen in few animals but man can step back and become a spectator can analyze the situation around him and in this way he is able to see his place in the greater picture and analyze what needs to be done to affect his role. Appreciation of beauty: Humans are able to appreciate all kinds of beauty. This can be as simple as a tree, a work of art, or the design of a flower. For example, Humans at Museum of Art will likely feel emotional by seeing limitless number of paintings and sculptures on display, dating back hundreds of years. But a dog to the same museum will be more excited about the trip and seeing the crowd. Humor: No other creature is able to appreciate, create and express humor. Not only does it require creativity, but humor also requires the…show more content…
Awareness of death: While animals have a survival instinct, man is able to consider that he will one day die. Aware that his days will not last forever, he has a deep respect of his mortality. In fact, nearly all cultures perform some form of funeral ritual. This is not found in the animal world. Understanding time: Animals are only able to relate time to them. They have no ability of relating time to third parties. Humans can wonder, speculate and search the annals of history for lessons, and apply those lessons to goals far into the future. Connections between words: While animals can understand simple words or tones, they do not communicate in complex sentences. Human beings have created hundreds of languages even though they are born without any way in which to communicate. Meaning of life: The simple act of asking about life’s meaning and purpose makes man unique. No animal contemplates its reason for living—nor would it be willing to live or die for specific values and ideals. Malleability:
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