Qualities Needed To Be President

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The skills and abilities needed to be president, in many ways, mirror a lot of the same skills and abilities needed to succeed in life and in the workplace, but for a president, these must be at a higher level of excellence. To me, there are a lot of qualities needed in order to be the President of the United States, but three that really stand out to me as the most important would be intellect, vision, and perseverance. The obvious first answer is intellect. A national leader like the President of the United States must possess a strong mind. The next one, vision, is important because as the leader of our country this person must have a strong idea of where he or she wants the country to go and how to get it there. Last but not least, perseverance is something that is going to be very important for whoever is in office. Different problems and situations are going to arise everyday and the president must…show more content…
Just having a vision isn’t enough. All the candidates are going to have a vision but not all of them would be able to achieve that vision due to the simple fact that they wouldn’t be able to persevere through the obstacles that they will face when trying to obtain that vision. In order to be successful, the President of the United States must persevere. Setbacks to his or her vision must be addressed and can only be temporary when they do arise.
In my opinion, if I could choose anybody to be the next President of the United States based on these qualities it would have to be Jimbo Fisher. Jimbo would make a great president because he possesses all of these qualities. Being a coach, each week he faces different problems and setbacks not only leading up to the game but during the games as well. This forces him to adjust and make changes that will allow him and his team to achieve the final goal, which is to win the game. This requires intellect, vision, and perseverance on a daily
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