Good Leader Characteristics

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So, moving on to the next topic, what characteristics make for a good leader? Rachell Farrell (2011, August 03) interviewed several sources and discovered that the following characteristics were at play with good leaders: honesty, focus, passion, respect, excellent persuasive abilities, confidence, care, humility, and many more. That fact that she interviewed several different people and some of the characteristics they thought defined a good leader varied so widely only reinforces what I stated earlier. That everyone you ask is going to define a good leader differently, albeit with some similarities. Because of this, I don’t believe one can universally state a handful of characteristics that define a good leader. This is because I believe a good leader is not defined by any set number of characteristics, but by the views of those he leads – no matter how many. At the end of the day, why would anyone want to be a leader?…show more content…
I must continue to grow by leading both now and in the future. To do this, I plan to seek out positions once establishing myself in a career that will allow me to further expand my horizons in this regard. To illustrate this, let us take for example ways to improve my public speaking abilities. The only way I believe to become better at public oration is to do it. Therefore, that is exactly what I plan to do whenever a situation or chance arises that calls for it. All of this begs a question. How does one exhibit the characteristics of a good leader? Perhaps the best way, I believe, is to just lead. Take charge of a situation, own it, and let everyone know that you are in charge because you know what you are doing. Another way to exhibit the characteristics is to think carefully about what you believe a good leader to be and then act that out. After all, as we have previously discussed, be the leader you would want to lead
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