Great Leader Qualities

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What are the qualities of a great leader? Use examples of well-known individuals (historical figures, athletes, politicians, etc.), facts, and details to support your definition.

2 Examples per paragraph

· Strength
· Forceful/Authoritative
· Diplomacy
· Courage Leaders – Hannibal, Attila, Hitler, Ho Chi Minh, Alexander the Great, Leadership is a complicated sociological phenomenon that stems from the existence of interpersonal dependence and group dynamics. This type of hierarchy is specifically elaborate in human population in comparison to other social animals, so having the capacity to speak and communicate with other intelligent beings has led to the creation of great men and women. The making of
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As Aristotle once said, “It is not enough to win the war; it is more important to organize the peace.” and this sentiment has been seen throughout history to be true. A perfect example of well-conducted diplomacy by a good leader would be the diplomatic missions directed at China organized by President Nixon during the Cold War. By making dozens of speeches and public appearances with supposed ‘enemies’, he brought forth an image of peace and cooperation, boosting his presence at home and abroad. Another point in history where this was appropriste was the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Though not seemingly diplomatic, this nonviolent removal of communist power in one of Europe’s most important capitals marks an important political even in modern politics. The wall divided the city in half, and represented the division between huge swaths of Germans, who were at the time not allowed to communicate with each other. President Reagan and many other leaders would take advantage of this nonviolent event and make their presence known in support of it. These examples highlight the importance of diplomacy in the imagery and soft power projection when it comes to…show more content…
The will to fight for (and necessarily against something) is a sign of great leader. Examples of courage possessed by a leader would be Ho Chi Minh, the Vietnamese nationalist, communist, and revolutionary and the Romanian Corneliu Codreanu, leader of the Iron Guard and revolutionary as well. Ho Chi Minh is a good example because of his lifelong dedication to war on behalf of his country, which was under colonial occupation by the French at the time. He possessed the courage to fight for the freedom of his people and never wavered in his nationalism, which would inspire future generations of Vietnamese. Corneliu Codreanu was another leader pushing for radical change in his home country of Romania, which was in a period of severe political unrest. He would eventually be tortured to death in prison and be celebrated as martyr by his millions of Orthodox Christian followers. In my opinion, and as shown in the instances above, courage and boldness is an essential component of the making of a
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