Qualities Of A Hero In Homer's The Odyssey

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What would it be like to live in a degenerated society without heroes? Over time, without heroes, there wouldn't be anyone defending human rights. Everyone has human rights, and this includes age, religion, and language. A hero doesn’t have to have these characteristics nor do they have to be a certain person to become one. There are numerous amounts of characteristics a hero can possess. With these characteristics, heroes are able to help humans move beyond their everyday lives, allowing us to strive and develop. Ultimately, a hero exemplifies someone who is strong, brave, and willing to sacrifice for the betterment of others. First and foremost, a hero is someone who is strong, displaying strength. There are distinctive sort of strengths that a hero must possess to be considered heroic. This includes physical and emotional strength. In the book “The Odyssey,” Odysseus displays these two qualities. Odysseus shows emotional strength by never losing self-possession even when he is confronted with a hazardous situation. Additionally, he reassures his crew members that they are safe from the wrath of the cyclops when they were stranded on an unknown island. On the other hand, Odysseus also demonstrated physical strength by blinding the cyclops that was stories above him. As a…show more content…
Typically, a hero would give up something for a greater cause. For a hero, this can mean risking their life to save or help another person. Truly, this means that a hero could end their life, but for a larger cause. For example, people that are in the army. Army people defend countries. Sometimes when defending a country from armed forces of enemies, war starts. And this is when the army people are heroic. They stand up for everyone in the country. And they are sacrificing their life. Army people don’t have to sacrifice themselves, but they do it for the country and the people that are in the
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