Qualities Of A Leader In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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A person who is a good leader may have many different qualities. First, if you’re a leader you must accept that not everyone will agree with your stance on issues, and you may not even get credit for all your accomplishments as a leader. A good leader is someone who leads by example, not force. Set a good example for those following you. Instead of forcing them to do things the way you think it should be done, show them that you are doing the right thing and that they are capable of making moral decisions too. Another essential, and probably the most important, characteristic of a good leader is honesty. You cannot lead people and be disingenuous with them at the same time. Stick to your word, keep your promises, and admit when you’re wrong. Admitting when you’re wrong and thinking critically about a new solution to a problem can guarantee that you’ll be the best leader possible. Have…show more content…
Simon could’ve been a good leader. He was a symbol of spirituality and morality in the book but didn’t seem like he played a leader role as much, although he did help the littluns a few times, even reaching the fruits on the tree in the jungle that the littluns couldn’t reach. Simon was also very intuitive. At one point, he tells Ralph that he will make it home soon. Jack represented destruction. He was not a good leader, he seemed to mostly care about himself and took no consideration into the Littluns. Jack was frequently worried about hunting for a pig. He used the excuse that “they needed meat”, which might have been true, but, Jack clearly was only interested in the pig because for his own personal gain and because he had the strong desire to capture and kill. Jack also harmed the environment around them quite a bit, especially with the fires he kept starting. Ralph had some great ideas that could’ve helped them all, but it just seemed as if Ralph was the leader that just ended up “selling out” in the
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