Qualities Of A Soccer Captain Essay

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Victory or defeat on the soccer field sometimes boils down to one person: the leader of the team. Various characteristics may constitute a great leader on the soccer team, including dedication, integrity, and humility. A captain on a soccer team cannot be successful if he or she ignores these three traits, or fails to put these qualities into practice on the pitch. Success can be measured through the final results on the scoreboard. However, true leaders who embody these characteristics build successful teams with sustainability. A dedicated leader on the soccer field inspires his teammates by example. When players on the team is exhausted and feels as though he or she cannot go on, they turn to the hardworking captain who inspires through his hard work. The captain makes players want to work hard when they see him doing the same. The captain shows his dedication by going in for a hard tackle late in the second half. It doesn’t matter if the team is down two to zero. For the captain, making this play creates a wave of encouragement for the whole team. When the leader comes off the field, he remains engaged with the game from the…show more content…
Whenever a player on the team, especially the captain, acts arrogantly, his teammates may become aggravated, disgusted, and discouraged. If a humble captain scores a goal, he acknowledges the team nature of the accomplishment. An ineffective leader would take all the credit and claim all the glory for himself. When the team scores an “own goal,” instead of becoming angry, a leader with humility recognizes that he shares in the blame. Players’ reactions to an own goal can be a defining moment to determine the character of the entire team, and often it leads to a feeling of despair. However, a captain with a humble character, who shares most of the blame, will help the team transcend the event and become
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