Qualities Of An Epic Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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An epic hero is considered to be an individual who is beyond any standard human being. The qualities of an epic hero consist of intelligence, loyalty, and bravery. In The Odyssey, written by Homer, Odysseus obligates all of the traits and further more in which represent an epic hero. His driven and ambitious curiosity has gotten him and his crew into unwanted dilemmas, yet both his strength and intelligence has gotten them securely out of them. His self-centered and arrogant character sets him where he shall not be, yet his loyalty is what brings him to peace and resolution. There are several circumstances in the novel in which Odysseus causes both harm and harmony, however, no matter the circumstance; Odysseus continuously validates the qualities of intelligence, loyalty, and bravery and that is what makes him a heroic figure. A significant trait that an epic hero must encounter is intelligence and cleverness. Although Odysseus’s self-centered character may lead him to wrong decision making, his intelligence never failed to help get out of the mistaken decision. Due to Odysseus’s unnecessary curiosity, he got him and his crew dangerously imprisoned inside the cave of the Cyclops. However, his intelligence helps distract…show more content…
His intelligence and cleverness serves him well as he has the ability to strive away from unwanted situations successfully. His loyalty and faithfulness is what motivates him to get home to both his family and people of Ithaca. As well as his bravery and courage which brings him to efficiently complete his expedition? If deprived from all these significant qualities, Odysseus would not have received the title of a hero. Nevertheless, due to him appealing to all the positive and essential traits, Odysseus is known to be one of the greatest and most powerful epic heroes introduced in the art of
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