Qualities Of George Griffith: A True Hero

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George Griffith What exactly is a hero? According to Google, a hero is a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. People have many contrasting ideas and beliefs about what a hero is. Some people consider a hero someone like Superman and others consider a real hero someone like Martin Luther King Jr or someone who has worked to benefit society in a positive. The attributes a hero must have in order to be considered hero include being patient and complaisant, even with the most frustrating people, willing to help anyone, friend or foe, and being humble even though they are constantly praised and awarded for the heroic things they do. The late George Griffith, father and grandfather, best exemplified these qualities and is considered a hero to many.

George Griffith is a hero because he was patient and complaisant, even the most frustrating and annoying people. George had four children and ten grandchildren and all throughout his life he has never yelled or has never been angry at them. John Griffith,
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George’s neighbors were not very fond of George and found him to be “too generous” and felt that “he was overcompensating for something”, or just did not like him at all. When their house flooded a few years back, George was the first person there to lend a helping hand, even if it risked his safety. Whether their opinion on George changed or not, his family always thought highly of him. His family and people important to him were his main priorities, so whenever they needed help he was there to help. As a result, his family and friends were well taken care of and soon, his enemies turned into friends due to his helpful deeds. Many say that George Griffith was a hero because of his helpfulness and hospitality to everyone around him, even if it put him in
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