Qualities Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Odysseus, father of Telemachus, obtains most of the qualities that are similar to his son, and has his own set of qualities that define him. Odysseus is strong, devoted, and a warrior. In Odysseus’ journey back home, he undergoes the punishment set for him by the gods. He and his crew encounter the sirens, the lotus eaters, the cyclops, and are stranded on an island with a beautiful goddess, Circe, but only thinks about getting home. Odysseus proves himself of being loyal and devoted to his wife as when he is trapped on the island with the astonishing goddess that he only thinks about getting home. When he gets home after 10 brutal years, he overlooks the amount of suitors that have tried to marry his wife and become king. “You yellow dogs,…show more content…
He is made of these qualities, because he did not have a major influence from his father when he has very young. Telemachus also grew up in discomfort due to the suitors who would come and live in his house. All of these men would try to marry his mother Penelope, Queen of Ithaca, in order to become king, after Odysseus was “presumed dead.” As an effect of his childhood being surrounded by strangers, he has become very cautious around people. He also has to possess an image of a confident, strong man in order for the suitors to not take an advantage of him or find his Achilles heel and kill him. “You cannot be my father Odysseus! Meddling spirits conceived this trick to twist the knife in me!” As Telemachus was greeted by Odysseus after twenty years he didn't respond in an ordinary fashion. Instead he takes caution and has the need to confirm himself that this is Odysseus and not a suitor trying to harm him.
Telemachus and his father are very similar to each other both of them are loyal to their families and are very cunning. Telemachus never left his mother and tried to shield her from the suitors. Odysseus had left the island with Circe on it, in order to go back home to his family in Ithaca. Both men are cunning because they single handedly defeated all of the suitors and managed to keep their loved ones alive. However, Odysseus has more bravery as he steps up to the challenge and kills
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