The Importance Of Service Quality

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The importance of service quality arises from the essential need to create customer satisfaction. It is like a chain that used to connect customer expectations and perceptions in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Service quality can simply described as the difference between customer expectation of the service they will use and customer perception of the service has been provided (Oliver 1997). The higher the conformance of degree, the excellent the service quality will be and vice versa.
Accordingly, the core value to achieve good service quality is customer satisfaction (Oliver 1997) or maybe the customer will be more pleasured and become loyal customer (Gibson 2005) and that means that they are also likely to spread positive word of mouth. Whether customer satisfaction or loyalty, they depend on service or product itself or certain features. So understanding which factor is more effective in achieving customer satisfaction or loyalty, will be a
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The most famous guru in service quality, Parasurman (1988) described service quality as “"the degree and direction of discrepancy between customers' perceptions and expectations". Some researcher use the perspective of marketing literature to define the concept of service quality, such as Lewis (1993), he characterized it as “focusing on meeting needs and requirements, and how well the service delivered matches customers' expectations". Bolton and Drew, 1991 & Cronin and Taylor 1992 discussed the concept of “service quality” as the differences between customer’s expectation of service before receiving it and the evaluation of the provided

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