Quality Assurance In Nursing

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CONCEPT 7- QUALITY ASSURANCE 7 This concept is taken from module 8:2 entitled, quality assurance model, documentation, recording and reports. Quality assurance is a systematic and comprehensive assessment health care service rendered to the consumer that is continuous regardless of place person or time through continuous monitoring and evaluation of all aspect of the services It is use interchangeable with quality control, quality control is the set standard as indicator of quality, regular collection and analysis of data and supervision Quality nursing care; it is offering greatest nursing benefit with the least health risk to the greatest number of health consumers given the available resources It entails prompt provision of holistic…show more content…
Also, for nurses to be able to rob shoulders amicably with other health professionals, their educational background, knowledge and skills need to be frequently upgraded.
PERSONAL CONTEXT:- Personally, I view staff development program as a utmost important program a nurse must engage herself in periodically, because of scientific and technological advancement in health progress and taking into consideration. The role of nurses in health care industry, a lot of nurses in the past has gain more knowledge after qualifying with continuous exposure to cases, robbing mind with peers and engaging in series of workshops.
SOCIAL CONTEXT:- Staff development in nursing services is a program all nurses should be a participant to keep them abreast of new approaches to health care services, enable them to rob shoulder and contribute meaningfully to patient’s care improve professional image and participate scientifically toward achievement of the organisational vision and mission, to be center of excellences. The organisation will also benefit from
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This context is taken from module 8:3 entitled PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL
Performance evaluation or performance appraisal or staff appraisal is said to be one of the most effective instrument in the hands of management for effective personnel management and in enhancing organisational performance. It is the systematic and periodic and impartial assessment of employee abilities in his present job and his potential for better job.
 It is a system adopted by employers in evaluating the level of achievement or performance task assigned to offices. It has a blend of input every day, every week, every month until the year runs out.
 It is done to achieve assessment of past performance of employee.
 Identify and assess performance training and development needs.
 Identify and assess future potential and or

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