Quality Education: The Right To Education

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The right to education is not only right to access education but also the right to receive an education having a good quality that is why quality must be at the core of education because it really influences the students what to learn, how they will going to learn and most important, what benefits they can draw based from their education (EFA GMR, 2005). Quality education also deals with the children, youth and adults’ welfare because whatever happens inside the classroom or other educational institutions contributes to the future welfare of every individual (UNESCO, 2015).
Quality education is a very big issue for us. Because we are still improving our education quality, there are still some challenges that we are facing now internationally
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In Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the main treaties that guarantee to right education – define the aims of education which is directed to the education content, teaching-learning processes and educational materials and also the learning environment and outcomes. In achieving this quality in education, the international law defines some factors that affect quality education. First, the curricula, teaching material and teaching methods as explained in General Comment 1: the Aims of Education, Committee on the Rights of the Child that education in all levels must be “child-centered, child-friendly and empowering”. Second one is the learning environment; all schools must have an appropriate number of classrooms that are accessible to all and with adequate sanitation facilities for girls and boys. Teachers also have part to have quality in education. It is said that teachers are the heart of quality education that is why the Article 13.2.e, ICESCR states that the material condition of teaching staff shall be continuously improved based to the needs of every student. Lastly the resources in education; quality education requires human and financial resources which should be available to the maximum extent if possible (CRC, General Comment 1, Paragraph 28) so that all resources are available if they are…show more content…
Quality of educational institution matters because it is where the learning takes place and all kinds of activities in education. Educational institution also promotes social mobility, achievement and economic growth in modern societies. Aside from being a transmitter of academic knowledge and skills, educational institution has also functions in our society as well, manifest and latent functions. The manifest function of institution is the obvious purpose of the education and school like in elementary parents expect that their children will learn new knowledge and how to get along with other children and begin to understand how the society works, in other words it serves as the center for socialization and transmitter of cultural norms and values. The latent function of institution is the not intended purpose of the school or the hidden purpose of the school like schools often play a matchmaker function because in school, students can meet different kinds of individual and usually will result in romantic partners. Another study shows that school has (7) seven functions in context of globalization: qualification, socialization, custodial, selection and allocation, integration and legitimization, maintenance of cultural heritage and administrative function (Kaposta, 2013). Quality of educational institution plays a big role in
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