Quality Improvement In Health Care Essay

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Measuring quality is a core activity in the process of quality assurance in health care. It aimed at identifying the gap between the actual performance and the desired standards as well as exploring areas for improvement or enhancement. (20) Such initial step should be followed by providing feedback to healthcare workers, training and supporting staff to undertake actions leading to a high quality hospital care.(20,22)
Health care for children with CP delivered through a multidisciplinary team and requires effective interaction between parents, healthcare providers and community agencies with continuous assessment of the child's health and function and wellbeing of the family. Children with developmental disabilities are most likely to experience
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No decision about any aspect of care should be made without full involvement of the child or young person and their family in the decision-making process. (26) In the current work, the respondents reported that children with CP and their parents /cares are not involved in care pathway development process. Moreover, no surveys were conducted for children and their family members to assess their satisfaction of care they received and identify their expectations and their…show more content…
Reasons for deviation should be stated and discussed. After that an action should be taken and a record of the action taken and the outcome should then be recorded and fed back to front-line staff.(21) weakness in the documentation system ,lack of record keeping standards, and lack of systems in place for recording, collating, analyzing, reporting and acting upon variances for children with CP are major barriers towards quality improvement regarding the process of care of children with CP in the studied

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