Quality Improvements In Healthcare

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The health care system is multiplex. The many elements that form complex relationships within the health care system can cause problems. One problem is inadequate quality issues. However, the health care leaders desire to fix the poor quality problems that exist in healthcare (Chassin, 2013). Hospitals are spending more capital, time, and vitality to improve quality and safety matters (Chassin, 2013). The National Quality Strategy is a measure to create national quality improvements (Chassin, 2013). Despite all of these ingenuities, quality and safety improvements still move slow. These changes have not infiltrated the health care system to the point where its affects are extensive and truly effective (Chassin, 2013). The purpose of this paper…show more content…
Chassin (2013) notes that there are three forms of quality problems. They are “overuse, underuse, and misuse” (Chassin, 2013, p. 1762). The misuse of healthcare is evident when the delivery of healthcare is substandard (Chassin, 2013). The health services are present and abundant, but defective. Wrong-site surgery, hospital-acquired infections, and other adverse events are example of the misuse of health care. All of those incidents are preventable. The underuse of healthcare happens when no health care services are delivered when consequently necessary. The overuse of health care services refers to the questionable benefits of and abundant use of many health services. Most of the quality improvement strategies focus on the misuse of health care. However, the overuse of health care needs to be addressed further to see rapid changes in quality management. Chassin (2013) supports that examining the overuse of health care may be the very focus needed to push the quality improvement movement to move faster. It will improve quality improvement effectiveness and decrease costs associated with health care services. The Choosing Wisely campaign seeks to significantly lessen the use of useless tests, excessive treatments and needless procedures (Chassin, 2013). The National Summit on Overuse focused on the creating of strategies to combat the overuse of key overuse problems (Chassin, 2013). Initiative like these address the overuse problem in health care that stifle quality

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