The Importance Of Quality Control Systems

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1. Introduction
Ensuring quality of health care and patient safety are essential components for any nations healthcare program, hence the need for quality control systems, and quality enhancement strategies. The quality of health care provided by hospitals in Malaysia varies and this can often result in a gap between ideal standard of service and quality of practice. This can have an adverse effect such as misdiagnosis (Chadwick & Smith, 2002), outbreak of preventable infectious diseases (Friederichs, Cameron, & Robertson, 2006), medication error (Adhikari, 2003) on quality of care and patient safety. Hospitals and other related health facilities must therefore endeavour to offer high quality health care services. Various issues need to be addressed to achieve this, most importantly is acceptance and adoption of Health Management Information System (HMIS) use and management issues such as human resources, procurement, financial management
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Several studies have emphasized the need to adopt HMIS, (Ismail et al., 2014; Ismail et al., 2013; Zhou et al., 2012; Renaud & VanBiljon, 2008; WHO, 2004) for use in achieving improved healthcare quality and delivery of service, thus making it more patient-centered
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