Quality Life Scale

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What is a quality of life scale and how is it used? Pet quality of life scales are used to determine on a numeric basis how your pet is feeling. A quality of life scale helps you address different variables in your pet's life to assess their overall comfort and happiness. Quality of life scales are typically used when a pet has a terminal illness or is at an end of life stage. A terminal illness is one where the pet will not be cured or recover, but perhaps can be managed so the pet is comfortable. Treatments at this point are focused on palliative care- helping with pain, nausea, nutrition, hydration, and mobility- but not on curing the pet. Quality of life scales can help the family decide when it is time to let the pet go.

The JOURNEYS quality of life scale addresses eight variables you can use to determine your pet's quality of life. Many people will use the scale daily, or weekly to see how their pet is doing, and compare the results to see how well the pet has been doing over time. Different family members can take the scale independently and compare results. These discussions can be helpful in getting consensus on how to move forward. It is important to use a quality of life scale as part of a hospice plan for a pet.

The scale has 8 variables each worth 10 points. The
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A middle range score is for a pet with a medical condition that can change over time, is currently stable, and being monitored with the help of your veterinarian, with medication adjustments when necessary. You understand what to watch for, the treatment plan, and when your pet needs medical attention. You score your pet high on the scale when they are happy and healthy, with no medical issues beyond routine preventative
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