Quality Management Case Study: Six Sigma Manufacturing Process

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Abstract:- This case study is about 6 sigma manufacturing process by which continuous improvement of the product is done. Mainly the 6 sigma is about improving the quality, In order to identify defects or errors. By using 6 sigma 99.9% the defect will not be there in the product. 6 sigma uses quality management and structural methods. The customer satisfaction can be increased by using this, production cycle can be reduced, reduction of waste and reducing the cost of the project. Introduction:- 6 sigma is defined as the measure of perfection from deviation and measurement of defects in the process. Mainly the 6 sigma measures the deviation of the process from the quality. It is a approach and methodology for elimination of defects. This methodology can be used for improving the business process by statistical analysis. The word statistical means the measurement how far the process deviation is from the perfection The diagram shows he statistical diagram of the 6 sigma. 6 sigma is the term which is taken from Greek letter. The standard deviation is always away from the mean at the point of the curve. This is also known as normal distribution which is shown in the above figure. In the above graph it is shown that the maximum production should be in the range of 6 sigma so that the waste and time can be minimized in the process of manufracturing and occuring variation in the

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