Quality Management In 21st Century Management

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in control and project confidence even while recognizing the organizational realities and their own limitations. They must maintain an attitude of wisdom and a healthy dose of modesty.
Evidence helps managers to instil patience, move away from firefighting, and achieve company objectives (Verheyen, 2014:3). People’s performance depends on the resources they have to work with, including the help they get from colleagues and the infrastructure that supports their work. It is impossible for even the most talented people to do competent work in an imperfect system. On the other hand, a well-designed system can enable ordinary but well trained individuals to consistently achieve remarkable performance levels (Pfeffer and Sutton, 2006:5).

Hayes (2012:10) observes that the challenges of 21st Century management include external environmental factors, such as globalisation and social media. The constant changing work conditions require greater transparency, and in turn add to the complex mix that managers must negotiate on the daily basis. Verheyen (2014:4) suggests that managers must verify outcomes of work against assuming results, so that they will effect positive change and improve managerial decisions. This belief should not inhibit a manager from using experience and intuition; it rather supports it, provides
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evidence based management

The quality improvement (QI) regarding evidence based management should include organisational assessments that accomplished through qualitative and quantitative methods (Peris-Ortiz and alvarez-Garcia, 2014:19). These assessments should also use an integral function of evaluating implementation in real time to enable corrections through audits, feedback and adjustment of intervention elements. Such approach should be done iteratively, as in the Plan-Do Study-Act (PDSA) cycles (Peris-Ortiz and alvarez-Garcia, 2014:19).

According to Heizer and Render (2006:198), Total Quality Management is (TQM)

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