Quality Management In Skill Based Education

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Quality Management in Skill Based Education

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This paper has the coverage of good quality skilled education as a human right. Quality management has become an issue of importance as the landscape of skill based education. Education has been facing continuous changes: increased competition, increasing technological changes in the globe. In the present scenario, there is a huge competition in all the sectors as even in the field of education. So every institute want to be at the first choice of the students so they maintain their quality for each and every aspect. Rapid growth of technology also helps the organizations to maintain the
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For many people education is important to get the better future jobs, for others is necessary to become quality citizen and for few an educated person is someone who is capable to perceive accurately, thinks clearly and acts effectively on given tasks or self selected goals. An education can be defined as acquiring facts, knowledge, skills obtained or developed by a learning process either formally or informally that has a great impact on individual’s life in his future. In short the education is the process of giving and receiving the systematic instructions through any mode of communication. The criteria to educate the people of the country may vary from nation to nation. As in the traditional education system of India there were very few educational institutes and most of them are from the particular religion and of metaphysics. Whereas the modern education system of India is more open, liberal and exoteric and it emphasize mainly on freedom, law, human rights and scientific world. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators. So the present education system fulfils the need of the industrial economy. Education is considered as seed of life as well as an important tool to live a successful life. Without education a man is like a building without foundation. Good education may give many motives to the life. An educated person can…show more content…
There is a need for some young professors in current situation. This is because the younger are more dynamic and aware of technological changes and the needs of students. But very few young are opting teaching profession because they are paid less in comparison with the rest.
Processes within the organizations or institutions should be Planned and managed that will provide continuous quality improvement in the various operational activities, student services, research, teaching and learning, community relations, external partnerships and industry engagement.

An assessment of student is the criteria to evaluate the learning outcomes. The primary goal of assessment process is to see continuous improvement of the quality of student achievement.
There is a wide gap between the industry expectations and the institutional standards. So the institutions have to engage Industry and partnerships that will facilitate innovation and contemporary thought and practice to remove the
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