Quality Of Education In Pakistan

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Education is the only process through which we can bring change in behaviors, open the doors to development, rich and poor can be equal. Living standards can be improved through education. By providing a way for progress and development and avoiding the inequalities in different classes it enrich the living standards of the people. To develop the abilities and faculties of the people it is necessary to develop human capital. Nature and peace of a country’s social and economic development can be identify by its human resources. Educated persons can better face the social, technological and political sensations.
If the teachers of the institutions are able, well-educated and have great vision then all these benefits of education can be gained. Teachers of a country develop future citizens of the country, future of a country lies in the classrooms where a teacher control’s them. A great responsibility lies on the shoulders of the teacher so it is compulsory to be educated, trained equipped them well with skills groom the future citizens. To improve the quality of education through different ways is the responsibility of government of Pakistan. One of the important way is considered teacher education. Teacher education is well-thought-out as the back bone of all the policies to improve the quality of education. In Millennium Development Goals improving the quality of teaching and learning in developing countries is the basic aim. All educational plans and policies would remain

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