Quality Of Heroism Essay

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Heroism has many meanings and has many forms. Some characteristics that describe a hero include bravery, determination, and righteousness. These qualities define a hero and all that they stand for. “When you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.” If it was not for heros the world would not be what it is today and it would be totally different. Heros have been here since the beginning of time and there will still continue to be heros into the future. The first quality of heroism is bravery. To be a hero you must be brave. Many heros must be brave to face the evil ahead. They must also not be afraid to cry or fail. They will push on even if they are the only one to continue. An example is the people of the Civil Rights Movement because they were not afraid and stood strong. They knew they would get hurt but they still fought for what they believe. Another example of bravery is George Washington leading this country into battle against England. To be a true hero you must be brave and not be scared. People who are afraid to take chances never have a chance to be a hero. The second Quality of heroism is determination. Heros who have…show more content…
This means that you will do what is right no matter what. Heros who have righteousness fight for the right cause and will not act evil. Righteousness is a key property you must have to be a good hero. An example of righteousness is when Lebowitz defended the Scottsboro boys even though he knew he was going to be hated very much in the south. Another example is President Kennedy because he did everything he could to make blacks equal. He knew that he was extremely hated for supporting equality but that did not stop him. When most people think of heros they often describe the heros as having righteousness. Righteousness is a major belief one must have to be a true hero and always do the right
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