Quality Of Life Care Essay

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- Cultural: A persons culture for example Muslims, are against euthanasia and it is forbidden, this can underpin a person choice to die by free will and not suffer and this could case an entire family to be shunned
- Religious: A religion may require the palliative pt to go without pain relief and suffer or be confined to their room without anyone entering ect which impacts health and can be questioned
- Spiritual: A persons religion for example Catholics, are against cremation at the end because they feel they have to return to the earth
- To avoid cultural, religious and spiritual differences a Nurse or someone in charge should put these plans into motion.
- Ask interpreting services when care plans are developed and reviewed and of course whenever informed consent is required.
- Before the palliative care
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- The palliative care services should fully identify and support the cultural, linguistic and spiritual needs of care recipients and their families, including rituals and practices around death and dying.
- Make sure the cultural and religious acceptability of certain treatments and medications.
- Different people will have different views of the concept of quality of life, and that these may be culturally and religiously viewed
- Clearly establish the role of family members in decision-making about care and treatment.
- Resolve any conflicts around palliative care between staff and care recipients and/or family members by highlighting culturally aware concepts that are acceptable to all included
- Give information about palliative care and support services in the preferred language of the patients and their families.
- Ensure patients and their families have access to culturally appropriate emotional support and spiritual
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