Quality Of Life In Australia

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Quality of life in Australia
The truth is that Australia is one of the most sought after emigration destinations in the world. Australia offers an abundance of wonderful elements such as beautiful beaches, magnificent scenery, diverse wildlife as well as a wealth of opportunities.
People from all over the world actively seek out Australia as their number one country of choice for relocation due to the quality of life in Australia. Australia offers a high quality of living that is unbeatable to many other counties.
It may be reassuring for you to know that Australia is a member country of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCED). In a nutshell the OCED aims to improve the economic as well as the social well being of people
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Working hours
It may surprise you to discover that people in Australia actually work 1,728 hour a year less in comparison to other countries.
Nearly 75 percent of people between the ages of 15 and 64 have a paid job which is above the paid average, in comparison to other countries. This is in addition to the factor that people in Australia on average get paid over the employment average.
Life expectancy
Australia has very high life expectancy. Not only does Australians value health and well being but they also actively encourage fitness and outdoor activities.
On average the life expectancy in Australia is 82 years of age. This is higher on average than most other countries. It may be important to note that Australia also has excellent health care which may contribute to the high life expectancy.
Life satisfaction

An entire 85 percent of people living in Australia say that they have more positive than negative experiences. They are satisfied with their daily lives and are happy to remain in Australia for the duration of their lives.
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I want to live in Australia
If you want to migrate to Australia, it is highly recommended that you start at the very beginning. Too many people spend excessive amounts of time, money, energy and efforts only to discover that they do not quality.
The very first step in the process is to find out if you qualify or not. The best way to do this is by means of an assessment. It is always important to ensure that you obtain a comprehensive assessment which is properly carried out by a fully licensed immigration agent for Australia.
Use a licensed immigration agent for Australia
Please be aware that making use of a fully licensed immigration agent for Australia will increase your chances of qualifying. It is imperative to ensure that the immigration agent whom you choose is licensed or exempt. No one is permitted by law to provide you with immigration advice or services for Australia if they are not fully licensed.
If you wish to check the credentials of the agent which you choose, you can go to the Migration Agents Registration Authority website where you will find all fully licensed immigration agents for Australia. If the agent does not appear on this site do not use
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