Quality Of Prison Life Essay

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1. What did you think of the quality of prison life? Which conditions did you consider unacceptable? Why? The quality of prison life shown in the film is dire compared to the life regular citizens live today. The senseless beatings, the complete disregard for the prisoners' lives, the disrespect from the correctional officers, and the anarchistic subsections of the prison hierarchy are all unacceptable as it does not help the rehabilitation of the prisoners in any way and instead puts them into a mental state where they become attached to the prison because they cannot adjust to life outside, shown later by Brooks. 2. Throughout the film, there are several instances of guard brutality. Do you think this still happens? Do you think physical punishment is acceptable in prisons? As brutal and possibly disturbing as the beatings in the film are shown to be, the…show more content…
It may have been justice in a religious sense, but it does not help rehabilitate Bogs in any sense of the term so in turn it is unjust. 6. Brooks is referred to as an “institutional man.” What do you think that means? How did being an institutional man affect Brooks after he was released? Brooks being referred to as an “institutional man” means that because Brooks has been in the system for so long, he had adjusted into staying there and had become too used to that life. This way of life affected Brooks as it ill prepared him for life outside the prison walls. Outside, he felt lost and alone, unable to live life normally pushing him to commit suicide. 7. Andy helped Warden Norton create a fake person, “Randall Stevens,” and helped him fix the books, illegally laundering money. Given that he was a prisoner and would be punished if he didn't, do you think it was ethical for him to do so? Why or why not? Did he have a choice? Why or why
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