Quality Safety And Ethics In Nursing

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Clinical is an enriching environment that helps the student nurse to grow. One of the ways that the student grows is by seeing the implementation of quality, safety, and ethics in the healthcare environment. Through the course of clinical, a student can learn what really happens in the workplace. They can see that even when trying to follow every precaution, sometimes people fall short of meeting job expectations. It is important to experience the positives with the negatives in order to know what should and shouldn't be done in the workplace. Because clinical is multifaceted, it is the best way to guide the student nurse into becoming a competent and efficient nurse. Quality of care is a big part of being a competent nurse. It means that the nurse is doing everything possible to meet desired health outcomes (Treas & Wilkinson, 2014). As I go through clinical, I am seeing a lot of instances where nurses are improving the quality of care. There is a tremendous amount of communication and teamwork that goes on constantly. Nurses who have finished their task are quick to offer help to others. Also,…show more content…
Ethics is another large component in patient care. The nurses are extremely dedicated to the patients and they make it their mission to advocate for the patients. They are also compassionate. They are caring and always show the utmost concern for their patients. However, as nurses show compassion they sometimes tend to form biases. The biases develop because of the length of time they spend with a patient or because of the patient’s disposition. Therefore, it is imperative to remember that we should not allow personal biases to guide our nursing care. We should evaluate each person individually, be aware of our biases, and try to be as objective as possible. Overall, the nurses were brilliant teachers by showing how well they handled quality, safety and ethical
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