The Quantico Case Study

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Quantico last Sunday aired its final episode before the winter finale. Given that the finale will unveil who the bomber/terrorist/mastermind is behind the Grand Central Terminal attack, it is time to make the final theories and guesses who the terrorist is. Overview of events At Quantico, a hand-to-hand combat leads to Nathalie's fake scar falling off, which Alex notices. She confronts Nathalie, but Nathalie tells her to mind her own business. The weekly assignment involves the NATs choosing the recruits of next year. While they do background checks on the future NATs, Nimah goes to a recruit from last year to find information on Simon. The assignment is cut short when an emergency meeting of the new agent review board is called in. The subject…show more content…
Simon, Shelby, Nathalie, Caleb and the twins are going over their fellow NATs, while Liam, Miranda and Alex also spy on them. Raina heads out to see Hamza, the leader of the terrorist group she and her sister infiltrated. Simon visits his bomb maker friend Orin, but their conversation is out of reach to be overheard. Simon disappears after their little chat, and the other NATs on team Alex walk in to learn that they are being spied on. They get mad that Alex is watching them, but the subject changes when Simon walks in and confesses to having planned the Grand Central Terminal attack. Simon was upset with the FBI and America in general, so he planned two bombs: one at a temple and one at a mosque. A bomb threat would make sure everybody was evecuated and the bombs were not supposed to go off anyway. It was about making a statement that Israel and Palestine need to make peace. The bombs were intentionally flawed, but Simon says someone stole his plans, fixed the flaws and created the bomb. At that point, Simon, Shelby, Nathalie, Caleb and the twins all turn on Alex for spying on them and they all walk out. Alex goes to Simon's house and makes one last attempt to keep him as an ally, but Simon won't help her. He heads inside, where he is chloroformed by none other than
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